5 Reasons Why Consumer Video Testimonials Are Great For E-Commerce

Our own CEO Justin Nassiri was in Video-Commerce.org discussing the five reasons why video testimonials are great for e-commerce and are a smart decision for brands and businesses.

Check out the article, but here are the reasons below:

1. Gets consumers’ attention quickly through an emotional connection

2. Builds trust with consumers

3. Peers are more influential than brands

4. Lower production costs

5. Helps build your social media fan base

VideoGenie Mentioned as a Top UGC Platform For Retail/E-Commerce Brands

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7 Tips for Encouraging Testimonials

CEO Justin Nassiri, again as a Guest Expert on ReelSEO, discusses what we’ve learned about encouraging customers to record videos for your company.

The Stats Are In…And They’re Good!

Well, the stats are in, and they’re looking good! TechCrunch just published the impact we’re having on our clients, but here are the highlights:

  • The average video viewer watches over 9 of our testimonial videos…that’s over 100 seconds of video!
  • VideoGenie leads to over a 15% increase in brand perception
  • VideoGenie boosts customer conversion by over 300x

We’re looking forward to continue to impact the way that brands and customers interact through video.


How Testimonials Can Turn Skeptics to Customers

In this guest expert post on ReelSEO, VideoGenie CEO Justin Nassiri discusses the power of testimonials to turn skeptics to customers.

VideoGenie Mentioned in BizJournals

“The social-media explosion has spawned a burst of startups focusing on helping companies make money off the ever-increasing traffic that platforms provide.”

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